Kelly Osbourne Arrested For Assualt

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Celebrities are always been hounded by reporters and paparazzi that are snapping pictures of them trying to find a story inside their private lives. Some celebrities love the attention and let them have fun while others try to get away as fast as they can. Every few months we get to hear about one of these annoying story hunters getting smacked, screamed at, or run over.

Kelly Osbourne was arrested after she hit a gossip columnist inside of a London nightclub. The 24 year old reality star hit Zoe Griffin after the journalist had printed not so nice things about Kelly’s boyfriend Luke Worrall. Griffin told Reuters, “Kelly shouted loudly in my ear, ‘I have an issue with you. Everyone has been laughing at my boyfriend.’ Then I felt a hard slap.”

A spokesperson for the Met police in the U.K. said, “We can confirm a 24-year-old woman attended a central London police station by appointment on 2 January. She was arrested for common assault relating to an alleged incident in Soho in the early hours of August 29, 2008. She has been bailed until a date in March.”